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Newcomers are often mistaken in thinking that Tucson is a newer city, with home developments springing up on every corner.  Once you get past the outer ring, however, you'll find some charming historic districts near Tucson's center.  These districts chronicle a huge portion of the city's history, dating back to the 19th century downtown barrios of Mexican times.  Visit the following historic Tucson neighborhoods to fully immerse yourself in the wonderful Tucson AZ real estate archetecture and traditional culture.

El Presidio is a classic neighbood near downtown Tucaon AZ.  The neighborhood features apartments and houses for rent and sale.El Presidio - With a claim to being the oldest neighborhood in Tucson, El Presidio is truly a sight to behold.  Located just north of the downtown business district, El Presidio was first established by Irish mercenary Hugo O'Conor with the dedication of a fort (or presidio in spanish).

Armory Park - Found just east of the abandoned military plaza in Downtown Tucson, Armory Park was home to early railroad executives and workers.  Continued development with a nod toward tradition is expanding the neighborhood while retaining it's historic archetectural style.

Found just east of Downtown, the 4th Avenue Shopping District in Tucson AZ is a great thing to do while visiting!West University - A quick stroll eastward from downtown Tucson Arizona leads you directly into West University.  This historic neighborhood was to become Tucson's first suburbs during expansion in the late 1800's.  With the University then placed on a plot of land that was considered to be way out of town (crazy how things change in 100+ years :),  Now boasting a total area of 60 blocks, this exciting area of Tucson features the Fourth Avenue Shopping District, a popular spot among locals.

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Featuring historic districts juxtaposed by modern skyscrapers, Downtown Tucson AZ offers a magical journey through the past and present.