Agua Caliente Park

Agua Caliente Park Tucson AZ Things to do

If the Tucson sun has you feeling parched and looking for a little relief, be sure to check out Agua Caliente Park.  Agua Caliente Park gets its name from its natural perennial hot springs.  These hot springs made the park famous in the 1880s when the land was purchased and called Fuller’s Hot Spring Resort.  People from all over the country travelled to be healed by the “medicinal” qualities of the hot springs. 

These days, you are not allowed to bathe in the hot springs, but exploring Agua Caliente’s three beautiful ponds (yes, they have tons of beautiful fish in them!) is a great thing to do in Tucson to connect to nature and relax.

Located on the far-East side of Tucson, Agua Caliente Park is an oasis in the middle of the desert.   It is the perfect place for a picnic, or a Sunday afternoon walk.  At Agua Caliente Park you will see a wide variety of native and non-native vegetation and wildlife.  Feeding the birds is not allowed, but there are definitely plenty of them to see!  The fish swimming in the ponds range in size from tiny minnows to giant carp.  Frogs and turtles also heavily populate the ponds. 

Finding all three of the ponds requires quite a hike, so with the kids you will probably want to stick to the main pond.  If you have the chance, we highly recommend finding the other two because the walk to get to them is gorgeous.
The park is open every day of the year from 7am to sunset, except on Easter when you need a permit to visit.

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