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#79 Bearizona
1500 E. Route 66 Williams, AZ 86046

Bearizona is a little bit of a drive from Tucson at three and a half hours away, but let me tell you... it is definitely worth it!!  It's a bit like Jurassic Park meets the traditional zoo.

The first portion of the park is all drive-through and takes you through two miles of large naturalistic habitats.  A GPS based digital tour guide device provides informative insight as you drive through the Mountain Goat, American Burro, Brown Bison, Arctic Wolf, Tundra Wolf, Dall Sheep, White Bison, Big Horn Sheep and Black Bear enclosures.... Just to name a few... or ok, all of them.

They have plans to add many more species.  My favorites on the list to look forward to are the Jaguar, Grizzly Bear, and Mountain Lion!

Bearizona Williams AZ Tucson Things to Do

Lynx Bearizona Williams Arizona Tucson things to do

Once finished with the drive-through portion, you'll park the car and go through Fort Bearizona, the walk through portion of Bearizona.  This area has many baby and smaller animals on exhibit, as well as the Bearizona Barnyard, an interactive petting zoo that is lots of fun.

Finally, as if that all wasn't enough, you can finish it all off with the Birds of Prey show.  This show happens three times a day and will have you coming face to face with hawks, owls, falcons, and other raptors.

I loved the dramatic "free flight" shows which had these impressive birds swooping down just inches over our heads.

Bearizona is open year-round, but their hours and whether they're open all week or only weekends varies depending on the season.  Check out their website for more information and pricing, which I found to be very reasonable for such a unique and quality experience.

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