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Located outside Tucson near the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Biosphere 2 is a sought-out destination by visitors from around the world.

It was designed as a “mini-world” that is enclosed by protective glass.  In 1991, the first of two “missions” began where scientists were sealed inside the Biosphere and they conducted research (and they were part of the research) into “self-sustaining space colonization technology”.

Does that sound sci-fi enough for you? These missions captured national attention and many visitors to the Tucson area, as those locked inside lived in the Biosphere for over 2 years!

Biosphere dome Tucson Az things to do in Arizona U of A

It’s a fascinating place to visit and what they have learned will serve to further understanding of the fragility and beauty of the planet and the desert we all call home!

Today, it is now known as Biosphere 2 and is run by the University of Arizona. They continue to conduct research and their current interest is global warming. NOTE: The guided tour requires a total of 150 stairs throughout the tour area and we want to be sure to mention this to you as it is not handicapped or wheelchair accessible. If that poses no problem, then we recommend you check it out.

Admission rates are somewhat high for this venue, but ½ the fee you pay goes straight to the pursuit of science! And, the other half goes straight to your tax records because it’s considered a tax-deductible donation! Yep, that’s right…get credit from Uncle Sam for touring the Biosphere 2! Check out the Biosphere 2 website for all the details and what to expect when you visit. Admission rates are:

Admission Fees

    Adults $20
    Seniors ages 62+ $18
    AAA Members $18
    Military $18
    Children ages 6–12 $13
    UA Student/Faculty w/Catcard–$10

Have Fun,

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