Culla di Arte Lofts

The Culla di Arte Lofts

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Smart, chic, unique and well planned.  That’s how we describe the Culla di Arte Lofts.

Three homes with a unique, well crafted floor plan and calculated green features that exhibit the most stylish of designs.
The L Shape:

Most of the lofts in Tucson are similar in there architure in that most of them are rectangular in shape with a “floating” second floor.  Usually thBarrio_Metalico_loft_Tucson_lofts_greene second floor (loft) has a bedroom, closet and bath.

The photo was taken at the Barrio Metalico lofts and is a good example of the rectangular floorplan.

The Culla di Arte lofts are definitely unique when it comes to the shape.  Imagine if you will, a giant L shaped first floor with an L shaped loft floating above.  This unique design allows for another bedroom or an office downstairs.

Many of the loft projects are also like townhomes by design.  They connect in some way, for example: The Indigo Modern Lofts or the Ice House Lofts

Like the Barrio Metalico Lofts, the Culla di Arte lofts are single family residences.  They are not connected to another home and have yards, courtyards and covered parking.

The R Kudos:

Recyle, Reduse and Reuse.  Recycling waste and reducing consumption has certainly become more popular lately.  Reuse however still gets left behind a lot.

Not the case in the Culla di Arte Lofts.  The counter top in the middle loft is made of recycled paper.  The ceiling in the first loft is made of screens that were used by the copper mines.

The cobble stones in the courtyard  came from the street of a local shopping mall and the tin fences are from ranches in Vail, Az.  Many recycled materials were painstakingly reused in the Culla di Arte Lofts.  Kudo’s to the builders.

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