Rent a Bike

Things To Do In Tucson
#5 Rent A Bike
Follow either one of the links above to rent a bike, or join a group bike ride
with Southwest Trekking at

When was the last time you rode a bike?  In December of 2009, Tony Ray got on a bike for the first time in years.  Tony Ray and his friends rode from their beautiful home in downtown Tucson to the Fourth Ave Street Fair.  It was a blast.

So, whether you are up for a scenic ride around the bike-friendly city of Tucson, or a challenging ride up Mt. Lemon, the weather is most often perfect for these activities.

Many of the hiking trails in Tucson are perfect for mountain biking, like Redington Pass.  This definitely is a great way to see some of the back trails if you're not wanting to walk.  Trails range from easy to very difficult so make sure you check out the level before venturing out on this favorite things to do in Tucson.

Don’t forget your helmets, lots of water and healthy snacks! 

Red Bike Things to Do in Tucson Arizona

Have Fun,

Lucy & Tony Ray Cool

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