Warning don't eat the curry vegetables with steamed tofu and extra eggplant. It's addictive.  Momma travels to Malaysia to buy the curry's crack!  Not kidding.  I have to have it.

Tony Ray took me to Neo over a year ago.  It's right around the corner from our eastside office and we eat at Neo sometimes twice a week.  

I was addicted to their Tom Yom soup, which I still adore. The broth is a lemon grass base which is delicious by itself but then they add quickly blanched vegetables so they are nice and crisp. We always ask for eggplant and Tofu in ours and tell them to make it extra spicy. 

Restaurant Neo in Tucson Arizona Curry Vegetables with steamed tofu

Garlic vegetables, Curry Vegetables and Lemok Vegetables are other favorites. The flavors of the sauces are mouth watering with each being unique and distinctive.  We usually eat vegetarian when we go to Neo and feel like we've had the most flavorful, healthy meal so we don't feel guilty eating there on a regular basis. 

I've heard the Lamb Curry is delicious and tender so that's definitely on my list to try.  Check back, I'll let you know how eating my way through the menu is working out.  It's a tough job but someone has to do it!