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I had ran into (figuratively, of course) Glen &  Annyce Meiners with Beyond Video at a few different charity events before we were officially introduced.  Actually, we never were introduced, Annyce called me about my website and the possibility of us working together.  I liked her right away and there was no question of us working together.

The first time I got to really work with them I saw how kind and giving they are.  After working with them on a few different videos, I can say that they are really fun, professional and always cared about my needs and goals.

They took their time to get to know me (and they didn't run, lol) and they  just seemed to know exactly what I was trying to convey through my videos.
One of my first ideas was to create a video show with me interviewing different experts who could potentially help my clients. Glen and Annyce helped make my first interview with Tim Polito (he built the first LEED certified home in Southern Arizona) very comfortable.

Both Tim and I were extremely camera shy and uncomfortable about the whole thing.  After setting us up with professional mics and explaining a few tips, they started filming the show.  Funny thing was, Tim and I were so comfortable so quickly that it seemed liked the camera had disappeared.

So, I say to you, think outside the box:  Video is rapidly moving up to top position when it comes to marketing and advertising.  TV viewing time is decreasing while Internet video viewing time is increasing.   Fortune 500 companies are moving their marketing dollars to online video. 

Then there is the You Tube sensation we all know about.  No worries, Beyond Video can help you.

If you're getting married Glen and Annyce are the ones you want to call for your beautiful wedding video.   They will capture the personality of your wedding and trnspose it into a keepsake theat you will treasure for years to come.   

What about a  promotional video marketing you or your company?  Client testimonials, Training videos, weekly tips to your client videos, or videos of business events.  The sky is the limit.

You can put the videos on your website, send them by email, put them on Ipod or have them put on DVD's.  And the best part, they are really affordable when you look at the endless exposure you can get thanks to the Internet.

Needless to say, I'm a big fan of video and an even bigger fan of Beyond Video.

Tell them I referred you,

Tony Ray Cool

Beyond Video
Glen and Annyce Meiners
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Tucson, Arizona